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 Je commence à poster mes storyboard sur Blériot vole, c'est pas dans l'ordre mais pour le moment je fait les plans qui m'inspire...A noter aussi que certain pan sont des doublons sous différent angles, 'fin bref pour le moment c'est un peu le dawa


Quelques uploads, la prochaine sera plus conséquente !


Uploaded. Next will be bigger !


I start to post my storyboard on Flying Blériot, it's not chronological order but i just came trought the inspiration for the shoot I try to draw. As you can see there is some of them wich are doubled... Well, i confess it's a mess...



























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Gallouche 08/11/2011 10:54

Is watercolor the colouring technique or just a way to figure out zones?
If it is the coulouring technique, me and my awfull painting skills think it is much time consuming, if not complicated as hell.

I will not say good luck but "be brave".


Jules 09/11/2011 22:21

Hey u ! That's both i think... that both a technique and a way not to figure out zone but to create an atmosphere... and also a way to train my poor skill in watercolour... I'd just get better in
practising and i feel like i already improve myself, wich is good !!

Computer technique is maybe faster but more rigid, cold you know. There is no vibration of lines and masses...

Good organisation is the key to ain't brave... huhu...


Ur devoted !