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Un nouveau post pour un nouveau blog. Mes photos ici à partir de maintenant
Un p'tit clic sur l'image

A new post for another blog. My photos here from now
A little click on the picture

A partir de maintenant tout mes posts en deux langues (Gallouche m'aidera j'en suis sûr ^^)

Now, all my posts in two languages (Gallouche will help me I'm sure ^^)

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christophe 23/04/2009 12:29

Hey! What a fuck! Two litlle Jules...

sophie 15/04/2009 02:58

that will help you make your blog wider

2. sure, i would love to (:
just send me a link to the ones that you want and we can discuss the prices (:!

i'm 16 years old, that's okay for asking
thank you so much (:
i appreciate it ^___^

Gallouche 15/04/2009 01:07

Of course I can handle the translation!!!
Content de t'aider, quand tu veux.
ps: Waaaaaaaaaaaaah [air ébahit]